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Sunday Services @  (464 E Walnut St. Pasadena, CA 91101)

10:00 am


Sovereign Grace Church of Pasadena @ The Sanctuary

464 E Walnut Street

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We meet in The Sanctuary of the old First Congregational Church


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ADORNED - Spoken Word


When I shared the plans for Women’s Ministry this year with my daughters, I found out that Ashley had just recently finished reading the book ADORNED and had written this spoken word poem about it in her journal. After she read it to me, I asked the pastors if she could share it on a Sunday morning.  It so eloquently expressed many of the themes from the book, and I was excited for you to hear it as well!

I loved that this was coming from a younger woman - communicating truths of the gospel, the call to reverence, obedience and discipleship - and the role we play as younger and older women living out the beauty of the gospel TOGETHER!

You can look it up on our church’s Facebook Live (at the 36-minute mark) - or read it below. I hope it inspires you to be the woman God is calling you to be. And I hope you will join us this year as we meet as women to adorn the gospel by living it out together!

We invite you to go to the Women’s Ministry page on our website and find a Community Group to join as we begin our monthly women’s meetings.



Individual rights do not trump eternal absolutes;

Our personal opinions are inconsequential compared to God’s truths.

“Clothe yourself in strength and dignity;”

Yet we stress how we dress and we speak with profanity.

Christ beckons us to live active

In teaching truth, holding fast

Christ over culture. His love, true love, will last.

The way things are is not how they will always be.

The goal of the Christian life is not mere survival or even peace-

Careful then how you walk;

Not as unwise but as wise.

Keep a close watch on your talk;

Your speech can destroy and lead to demise.

Ladies, younger women don't need your perceived relevance as much as they need your reverence.

Reverence in behavior and lifestyle;

Reverence in what you do and who you admire.

He is worthy of our wholehearted devotion;

Let the fuel of your actions stem from His goodness, not your emotion.

Let us be women that are uncompromising in truth;

Press into the Lord and pass on your wisdom to the youth.

It is treasure from above, more precious than silver or gold;

The blessings that come from His wisdom are manifold...

The concept of modesty has taken a terrible turn;

Instantly triggered at that word they are unable to discern

The beauty of its reality.

Not meant to shame you or blame you,

It is meant to respect the person God made you. Legalism. A word often misused, but don’t get it confused

With actually obeying God.

Correction is not the same as abuse.

Do not be slanderers or slaves to too much wine.

But then we have the ladies over and its gossip and wine time.

The pastor confronts you about a pattern of disobedience;

You become defensive, aggressive, a terrible combination of ingredients.

Send in a mediator, 'cause this is getting out of hand.

No worries though, you wrote a blog post-

Share it on Facebook so everyone else will become engrossed.

Words twisted, stories suddenly one-sided;

Those with the courage to correct are being blindsided.

There is danger in speaking truth into someone's life;

Itching ears, sensitive feelings, built up anger and strife.

But it's not about reputation or fame or having someone to blame-

It's about seeking to glorify His name.

When she maintains a gentle spirit and steadfastly hopes in God,

The Lord looks upon her to see imperishable beauty, despite being flawed.

A woman with the courage to submit to God’s word

Is no spineless, dominated femininity;

That is a woman of great power and nobility.

For we are daughters of a High King.

And for our good and His glory, He will work out anything.

Women have a natural ability to speak life,

Build up nations, encourage their men, train their children;

But we can also tear it apart with venomous words secretly hidden.

Unaware that it was there 'til we become defensive, or fueled by false perceptions. Those unleashed words do tremendous damage;

Leaving the men at an unfair disadvantage.

We are stewards of the treasure of each other's good names;

Let us seek to silence the devil's games.

The church should not lose a generation;

Discipleship should be woven into the nature of God’s chosen nation.

We are to live out the beauty of the gospel together;

So that we may deepen our love for the One Who gives infinite pleasure.

His word is sharp and discerning;

Submit to its truth and it will give you a passion for learning.

Learning the ways of God, who He is,

His attributes, His nature.

His love and His ways are pure.

Let us be reverent in our behavior;

So that in everything we may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior.