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We meet at 85 E Holly St. Pasadena CA 91103


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Babymoon Turned Typhoon


Derek Overstreet

Mark 4:35-41

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Proposition Statement:  Resting in the storms of life is the fruit of resting in the Lord of life.

Introduction: Life can change quickly.  Whether in the past, present, or future, we all have “storm stories.”  By knowing Christ, we know that—during these inevitable storms of life—His divine power is at work in us, making us unsinkable.


Point 1: Knowing Christ Doesn’t Mean We Won’t Know Storms of Life

In Mark’s straightforward account of Jesus calming the storm, the followers of Jesus are not exempt from trouble.  These seasoned fishermen, experiencing a life-threatening storm, appear surprised even though the Sea of Galilee is known for such sudden tempests.  Believers should not be surprised at a fiery trial (1 Pet. 4:12); we are granted grace to believe in and to suffer for Jesus (Phil 1:29).


Do the storms of life surprise us?  Being saved from sin does not mean being spared from troubles; it means always being safe in the midst of the storm.


Point 2: Knowing Christ Means Divine Power is at Work in Us for Every Storm of Life

The Gospel writer’s main goal is to point to WHO Jesus is. In His ability to command nature itself (v. 39), Christ displays His glory, greatness, sufficiency, and supremacy. The greatwindstorm produces greatfear in His disciples who then witness Jesus’ greatdivine power.  In doing so, they are confronted with either fearing what they see or having faith in Who they know (v. 41). 


When we know Who’s in the boat with us, the storm will not have power over us.


Point 3: Knowing Christ Means We are Unsinkable in Any Storm

Jesus, instructing his disciples to take the boat to the other side (v. 35), is fully confident He will arrive there.  His followers, however, are not assured at all (v. 38).  Yet they do make it safely (Mark 5:1).  Eternally speaking, humans cannot avoid the storm of separation from God due to our sin unless we know the One who commands the winds and the waves.  Christ triumphed through the great storm of Calvary where He experienced the full wrath of God for us.   By doing so, Jesus ensures that we will make it to the other side. 


Because our greatest need has been taken care of, we are unsinkable in any storm.



  1. Fix our eyes on Jesus by memorizing and meditating on Gospel passages. By fixing our eyes, the effects of the storm will fade. See 53, Rom. 3:20-26, Rom. 8, 2 Cor. 5:21, Eph. 2:1-10, and Titus 3:3-7.
  2. Understand the relationship between our suffering and our sanctification biblically. God is building righteousness into us through trials.  Unbiblical expectations are destructive.  Meditate on Joseph’s story (Gen. 37-46), the book of Job, and 2 Cor. 4:7-18.
  3. ReadTrusting God Even When Life Hurtsby Jerry Bridges.