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Church Service | Sunday | 10am | The Sanctuary: 464 E Walnut St. Pasadena, 91101


Sunday Services @  (464 E Walnut St. Pasadena, CA 91101)

10:00 am


Sovereign Grace Church of Pasadena @ The Sanctuary

464 E Walnut Street

Pasadena, CA 91101



We meet in The Sanctuary of the old First Congregational Church


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Grace Kids Lesson September 20th



Music Video: One True God from DIG IN on Vimeo.

Music Video: Great Is Thy Faithfulness from DIG IN on Vimeo.

Music Video: Let Us Bow Down in Worship (Psalm 95:6-7) from DIG IN on Vimeo.

Talk about it: 

Talk-About Video 1: Fact or Fiction? from DIG IN on Vimeo.


large craft sticks (6 per child)
painter’s tape or duct tape (about 4 inches per child)
green markers
washable green ink pads
small plates (1 for every 5 or 6 kids)
washable red, orange, and yellow tempera paint
plastic forks (1 per child)
sandwich-size resealable plastic bags
hand cleanser
Make Puzzles
Say: Today we learned that God made a bush that was on fire but not burning up! Seeing the bush helped Moses know that God is real. Let’s make something to remind us of the amazing things God can do.
Encourage kids to use green markers to draw some grass along the bottom of the craft sticks.
Say: Even though the bush Moses saw was on fire, it didn’t burn up. That’s amazing!
Share about something amazing you’ve seen. Maybe you were amazed at the sight of your newborn 12 of 17baby, the view from a mountain you’ve climbed, or the way God answered a prayer.
Ask: • Tell about something amazing you’ve seen.
Say: Those are amazing things. But God does the most amazing things. He makes beautiful flowers, interesting animals, and all our wonderful friends. These things help us know that God is real.
Let’s try out our puzzles. They can help us remember to look for amazing things God does every day.