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Jesus is Coming Soon


Sermon Series: The Divine Perspective

Sermon Title: Jesus is Coming Soon

Lynn Baird

Revelation 22:6-21


Proposition Statement

 Jesus is coming soon, so let’s come to Him now.


 The book of Revelation centers on Jesus and His glorious gospel.  In chapter 22, John circles back to themes presented in chapter 1—that these words are from Christ Himself, and that Jesus Himself is coming soon.  Our response is to come to Him now.

Point 1:  Jesus is Speaking

Jesus Himself speaks (v. 16) the trustworthy and true words (v. 6) that He is coming soon (v. 7).  As the Alpha and Omega (v. 13), Christ spans the entirety of history, connecting the dots and fulfilling all things.  Three paradoxes of note include the majestic conquest of the Lion through the suffering of the Lamb, the suffering yet victorious church, and the enthroned Lamb (not the Lion).  Power and humility join together as Jesus’ rule is established through His suffering on the cross.

Point 2: Jesus is Coming Soon

The term soon(v. 6, 7, 12, 20) indicates that this prophecy was/is to take place right away.  The seven churches (Rev. 1:4) believed that the time was near, for the words were not to be sealed up (v. 10).  Since the words of Revelation were applicable then and are also applicable now, they should affect how we live today before it is too late (v. 11).  Our own end is not far off.

Point 3: Our Response

 In chapter 22, Jesus charges believers to keep washing our robes in His blood-bought gospel (v. 14), to worship God alone (v. 9), to witness to those outside who need to hear the good news (v. 15), and to come to Jesus (v. 17). When we come to Him, we forgo our own identity and take on His (Mt. 16:24).  Jesus promises to give us rest (Mt. 11:28) and to set us free (John 8:32, 36).  Altering these truths of the gospel is sinful and dangerous (v. 18-19).


Christ delivers His testimony in the book of Revelation to reassure believers that our faith in Him will turn to sight, for He is coming soon (v. 20) .  And because of this, we may proclaim with confidence, “Come, Lord Jesus!” (v. 20).