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Praying Through Trouble

praying the psalms 1


Sermon Series: Praying the Psalms

Sermon Title: Praying through Trouble

Ron Boomsma

Psalm 3



Psalm 3 is the first prayer in the book of Psalms.  It is a heartfelt plea of David—a king facing his darkest hour. His beloved son Absalom, attempting to claim the throne, seeks to kill his father.  David must run for his life.  By bringing our trouble to God, acknowledging Him, and responding in faith, we learn to pray in our times of trouble. 


Point 1:  Bring Your Trouble to God

 Overwhelmed by many foes (v. 1) and faced with the ill opinions of others who say that “there is no salvation for him in God” (v. 2), David is forced to pray out of desperation.  Like David, we have many concerns that affect our emotions.  But God helps us face our fears, worry, and anxiety by laying out our troubles before the Lord.


Point 2: Acknowledge the Lord

Prayer is incomplete if we merely present our troubles to God.  We must add the word but, purposefully turning to God and acknowledging who He is:

  • But God is a shield about us (v. 3)—God is our protection to withstand an enemy’s assault.
  • But God is our glory (v. 3)—God’s glory through Christ transforms us (2 Cor. 3:18).
  • But God is the lifter of our head (v. 3)—God encourages us, and His opinion matters most.
  • But God answered from his holy hill (v. 4)—Through the lens of the Gospel, We see God’s holy hill in Calvary where the Son of David lay down His life. The holy hill of Calvary reminds us that God so loved the world that He sent His son, that Jesus understands our troubles by entering humanity Himself, that God loves us enough to crucify Christ on our behalf, and that Jesus is entirely sufficient for all our needs because of His death and resurrection.

The Gospel does apply to the actual troubles of our lives.  We have what we need with the Gospel.


Point 3: Respond with Faith

 When we apply God’s truths to our troubles, faith is produced.  Even with all of his unanswered questions, David sleeps (v. 5).  He settles into the security that only God can provide (Prov. 3:21-24).  We, too, are enabled to rest and to act for His glory.



  1. Realize the importance of the Scriptures, for we see God’s character and promises in them.
  2. Look for the work of the Holy Spirit.