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The New Heaven and New Earth


Sermon Series: The Divine Perspective

Sermon Title: The New Heaven and New Earth

Ron Boomsma

Revelation 21



The book of Revelation was written to strengthen the faith of churches who struggle within and without.  In particular, John’s description of the new heaven and the new earth in chapter 21 directs our gaze to the future so that we may be equipped for the present.  By describing His entire plan, God provides His people with hope for our current struggle because the future shall be glorious!

Point 1:  A New Earth

 John notes that the first earth (and heaven) have passed away (v. 1).  Rather than completely dissolved (1 Pet. 3:22-13), the idea of a new earth likely suggests a refreshed and restored earth (Acts 3:19-21)—one set free from its former corruption (Rom 8:21), posing no danger (v. 1) and producing no tears (v. 4).  God’s encouragement:  The present earth, with all of its defects, should make us anticipate the glories awaiting us when our earthly home is renewed.

 Point 2: A New City

 As places of physical provision and protection, cities also pose problems for believers who are tempted to compromise their faith.  John describes the new city as the new Jerusalem (v. 2), an image of a redeemed people from every nation, tribe, and language.  We shall be fully sanctified (1 John 3:2) and made able to relate to each other.  Additionally, John depicts the city as a Bride (v. 2) prepared without spot or blemish for the Lamb who is Christ (v. 9-10).  God’s encouragement:  We cannot get along well in the church if we do not have a good theology of the church.  And we do not have a good theology of the church unless it includes the future of the church.

 Point 3: The Same Glory – More Present

 The ultimate glory of heaven is being in the presence of God (v. 3).  The measurements of the city (v. 16) refer the Holy of Holies, God’s glorious dwelling place in the Old Testament. With the coming of Jesus, “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).  God’s end goal is to dwell among us. 

 God’s encouragement:  The Queen of Sheba had her breath taken away when seeing King Solomon’s wealth with her own eyes (1 Kings 10:1-8).  How much more will ours be when we see the King of Kings face to face?


 Thinking more about heaven supplies us with hope, clarity, and confidence as we live in this fallen world.  Considering our future glory has been key to spreading the Gospel over the centuries. We cannot afford to neglect it. Life can be hard; but in light of the new heaven and new earth, we have great hope.