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From Bad to Worse


As we continue our series in Exodus, last Sunday, Ron spoke on "When Things Go From Bad to Worse."  You can listen to the message HERE.

Remember: Exodus is a book that tells us how God rescued his people out of slavery. It is an historical narrative book of the bible which means God arranged for a story to take place in real life and then had it documented in a specific way in order to teach us things about himself, about ourselves, the world we live in, and most of all, how we can know God.

In chapter 5, after God meets with Moses. Instructions have been made and plans laid out, the elders get on board and it’s time to execute the plan. But when Moses meets with Pharaoh, things go from bad to worse for the Israelites. Their servitude got even harder!

Why, despite Moses’ obedience to God, did things get worse?

This was a unique time for God to accomplish something deep.

  1. God makes himself known
  2. God shows us the enemy
  3. God unites his people


A. Knowing God is the theme. It is God’s plan to make himself known. He is the God who will be known.  This is what the Bible is all about - what Jesus is all about and what the church is all about: God making himself known. First to Moses, then the Elders, Israel, Pharaoh, Egypt and then the entire world.What does “knowing” God mean?

1 Knowing God isn’t merely having gathered some information about him. It is the pursuit of an ever-deepening interest and enjoyment of Him.

2. Do you want to know God - or - are you stuck in only a desire to get something from      God? This gets sorted out when things go from bad to worse.

 B. How can we know God?

1. Look where he has made himself known.

2. God to where he has revealed himself.

God forges a depth to our faith to make us true worshippers by:


  1. Faceoff between the LORD and Pharaoh. Both proclaim to be the Lord, both claim ownership of the Israelite people. Both want people for service/worship (same word).
  2. God wants us to know Him - so he shows us the alternative. God wants us to recognize our true enemy.

God forges a depth to our faith to make us true worshippers by:


  1. The goal is corporate worship - not Individual worship
  2. In our story, everyone retreats and turns on each other, blames Moses, accuses God, became discouraged and angry. The only person they didn’t blame was Pharaoh!
  3.  Our faith and worship reach a deeper reality and truth when we are together- like God’s planned. 
  • It is the glory of God to see an individual’s heart transformed by God’s grace.
  • But what God is ultimately up to is: that “through the church, the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.”  Eph. 310



You really don’t know how to dribble and shoot and pass until you can do it in the game= You really don’t know what it means to trust God until you do when things go from bad to worse.


When you find yourself in a season when things are going from bad to worse, remember that God is at work to deepen your faith and purify your worship.

  1. How is God making himself known to you during difficult times? Is your desire to get something from God (a change in circumstance) or do you want a deeper relationship with him?
  2. How are you viewing this season? Who are you blaming? What steps can you take to ensure you aren’t listening to the enemy’s lies/ doubts/accusations against God? Who are you serving? How can you tell? What’s a specific area/situation where you can strengthen your “faith skills” (dribble, shoot, and pass) in the game? Choose a situation where you find it difficult to trust God - and make a plan (use scripture) for how you can deepen your faith and refine your worship.
  3. Deep faith and true worship result in a community. Are you aligning yourself with God’s vision and plan for his church? How can being in a community help you when you are facing a season of “worse”?