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Sunday Service @ The Sanctuary: 464 E. Walnut Street, Pasadena, CA 91101


Sunday Services @ The Sanctuary (464 E. Walnut St. Pasadena, CA 91101

10:00 am

Sunday Teaching Classes


Sovereign Grace Church of Pasadena @ The Sanctuary

464 E. Walnut Street

Pasadena, CA 91101



We meet in The Sanctuary of the old First Congregational Church


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Grace Kids Online

Dear Parents,

We trust and pray that you and your families are doing well and staying healthy.  It’s been a long 3 weeks since we’ve been together and we miss you!  Along with praying for you, we are looking for ways to keep body ministry alive and operating during this difficult and unprecedented time in the life of our church.  While we must, by necessity, distance ourselves physically, we are still called to operate as a body and look to the needs and interests of others.  In this vein, we’ve been thinking about how to reach out to the kids / parents during this time.
We wanted to let you know that I’m helping Nicole out during this time and preparing Sunday School lessons for the kids and placing them on our church website - on the blog.  We will upload them on Saturday evenings and you can access them any time you’d like. 
Here’s the general format:
Each week, we will have a blog post that will have 4 main sections:
1. Lesson or story - recorded by some of our Grace Kids teachers
2. A Kid Video - related to the lesson. This could be a skit / song / lesson.
3. Kid’s Worship video - both singing and dancing
4. Weekly parent handout / any craft downloads or instructions
You can use this anyway you’d like:
a)  as a Sunday school lesson on Sundays in order to keep a Sunday routine going
b) during the week for general kids’ discipleship or family devotions
c) revisit the songs each day for some singing and dancing time
We are finishing up the ARMOR OF GOD theme over the next three weeks.  The lesson for next Sunday is: The Shield of Faith.  How timely!  These will be great lessons to help your kids deal with the fear and anxiety some of them (and you!) may be feeling.  Just briefly reviewing the material in preparation for this refreshed my own soul and I’m looking forward to how God will use it in your kid’s hearts and minds as well!
We continue to pray for you and your families - that God would protect you, keep you healthy, and grant you strength, wisdom and sanity during this time of isolation.